You wanna make a deal?  Let's make a deal.  

How about one between the Sunnis & Shia?  Is that possible?  No, you say?  Then how about between Democratic Liberal Progressives & Alt-right Republican Neo-Conservatives?

A peace deal. Not a war deal.  

Mind you, neither Good nor Evil ever really wins out over the other in the eternal fight against such Magnetic power of perspective; a theoretical pull posing as gravity. 

Prophet / Profit or not, meeting at the intersection of Good & Evil and forming a oneness in that void, just as everything else had to do in order to come to and maintain its existence, appears exclusively necessary. 

Prophets / Profits nevertheless continue to convert and decompose of this Earth & we continue to voluntarily cling and claw for our allahs / dollas.  

Can we heal this division?  Do our cancers go with it?  Should we not all work towards that goal?  Throwing all our weight back onto the momentum like a fight against an Oceans wave?

Or is the future in succumbing to it?  In our virtualized existence where we (our avatars) never commit error of offense at a flawless computerized rate and nary a hairy is ever out of place. 

Our existence had once insisted on existing outside of the deep ocean blue. And did. Now a million años passed and nearly 80 million Millennials in tow, insistence to exist outside of the habitat since seems near, and natural. 

Perhaps there is a future there. Though I have a feeling some of us fishies might not be making it.  Some of us might not even want to.