Chase grew up on the skirts of NYC, in Leonia, a small town nicknamed "The Athens of New Jersey", whose hometown heroes include the likes of Anthony Bourdain & Alan Alda. Raised by his mother Annette DiMino Levy, a Sicilian-American school teacher in The Bronx, and George Levy, a NYC cab driver; Chase developed his charisma & grit at an early age. His career in front of the camera began at the age of 6, when through happenstance and charm, he found himself signed with Ford models and soon thereafter began acting theatrically and commercially. He now has 25 years of acting training and experience & has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1996.

Chase plays the guys you love to hate or hate to love, booking work playing hit men with heart, con artists, drug dealers, brazen boyfriends, TV stars, entertainment executives, stoner musicians, crooked cops, ball-busting Brooklyn boys, hackers, and a deranged circus ringleader.